ZRGP PowerBase X1 = Energy Security + Energy Freedom

Rooftop solar systems enable homeowners to produce affordable and renewable energy to power their homes. However, due to grid safety protocol, a solar system, unfortunately, cannot provide energy to the home during a power outage. That’s where PowerBase X1 comes in.

During a blackout, X1 will enable a rooftop solar system to produce energy for the home during a power outage. Any unused solar energy can be redirected to charge the battery; this energy can then be used when the sun goes down. In this way, X1 gives homeowners true energy security and freedom.

What’s more, X1 can be equipped with 16 mainstream inverters that work together to keep the battery in operation. This is unrivaled in the industry and you don’t have to worry about system defects caused by incompatible inverters.

PowerBase X1 is available in 5.12 kilowatt-hour (kWh) and it can be connected 32 in parallel, which allows flexibility in design and means that you can start small and add more batteries as your energy needs grow. The battery is also wall-mounted, providing an ultra-thin wall hanging and flexible solution to limited installation space, and restricted load-bearing customers.


PowerBase X1 is a high-quality, reliable, and safe battery energy storage system that provides your home with the security and freedom to keep the lights on, whenever you need it.