PowerBase ProMax

The Power Base ProMax is an Off-grid and Grid-Tied type of energy storage system which integrated battery system, inverter system and control system. Its application is very convenient, which input can directly connected the power grid, oil machine or photovoltaic panels, output can directly connected to the load. This system can provide a quick solution for photovoltaic energy storage or uninterrupted power supply.


Modernized Target

  • Smart home directivity
  • Price quality, energy efficiency, and value are maximized
  • Electricity bill expected to be lowered by up to 65%

Composed Solution

  • 3 functions in 1 machine: PV & battery inverter, lithium energy storage system
  • One-stop shopping experience: no need to worry about the compatibility between the components in the system
  • Programmable multiple operation modes: grid-tie, off-grid, or grid-tie with backup

Large Scale Usage

  • Between 5 to 8 battery modules in a single cabinet to give a maximum 40.96kWh usable capacity
  • Up to 15 cabinets can be connected in parallel to give a maximum 614.4kWh usable capacity