4 Benefits of Battey Storage for Your Home


Power outages have become more frequent, thanks to an aging electric grid and increases in extreme weather. Power outages can make our homes dark and uncomfortable and cause huge disruptions to our daily life.


As a result, many homeowners are seeking solar systems with batteries to keep the lights on. Here are four benefits that batteries can support to help you determine if battery storage may be a wise investment for you.


Gain greater energy security

Suppose you live in an area where the grid is a bit unstable, or you want to provide a greater level of certainty for your home’s power. In that case, a battery system might be capable of powering critical parts of your home for a short period of time, even if the grid goes down. And Australia is prone to major fires, floods, and storms. Generating your own electricity could mean less exposure to price hikes and outages caused by natural disasters.

You can find your energy storage solution at ZRGP, including batteries, inverters, integrated energy storage systems, etc.


Get more value from your solar panels

With battery storage, you can power your home from the excess electricity that solar panels produce. This way there is no need to draw on energy supplied from the grid when production falls short from your panels. You just use the power stored in your solar batteries.


Reduce your electricity bills

One of the best ways to virtually eliminate your electric bills is by installing a solar panel system. If you live in an area with time-of-use rates, the cost of electricity varies throughout the day.

The utility company charges higher prices when power demand is high to encourage residents to curtail use. Having a solar battery allows you to save even more on your utility bills during these times. When electricity rates are highest, you can either use power from your solar panels or batteries, saving money.


Gain greater energy independence

As energy prices rise and concerns about decarbonization mount, many families want to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and electric companies.

Although solar panels provide greater energy independence, they don’t generate electricity around the clock. Having battery storage solves this challenge and makes solar energy available 24/7. It can increase your energy independence and renewable energy use while still allowing you to enjoy reliable power.

ZRGP advanced lithium-ion batteries use cutting-edge technology to provide standby power with or without solar panels. They provide electricity during blackouts, at night, or when utility rates are highest, for true energy independence. Battery storage can be installed with new or existing solar systems to help you get the most value from your solar investment.


Every year,  ZRGP holds an annual celebration to strengthen the communication among employees within the company, promote the construction of corporate culture, express the company’s care and greetings to the employees, and further enhance the employees’ collective honor and sense of mission.

The ZRGP Annual Celebration Dinner brings together all company staff, and special guests, all of whom support ZRGP’s mission to grow renewable energy. We are gathered here to share the fruits of our struggle in 2022 and to celebrate the arrival of 2023.


IN 2022

ZRGP has been with our end-users, installation partners, and distributors for eight years!

ZRGP has achieved a lot in 2022.

To broaden our market we participated in exhibitions with our partners in Australia, Germany, and South Africa.

ZRGP’s new factory officially started production. Introduction of intelligent systems such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System), OA (Office Automation), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), etc. to realize factory intelligence, allowing global businesses and clients to grasp real-time manufacturing progress and quality status promptly and improve customer satisfaction.

In 2022, we launched our real-time online monitoring and management application, with no more steps, you can monitor and manage your energy storage system remotely on your smartphone and laptop.

What’s more, our energy storage products have passed many certifications such as UL, IEC, and UKCA, making them safer, better, and more convenient for consumers to use.



Annual celebration:

Annual celebration dinner, performance, raffle, bonus payment, outstanding performance selection.


Our colleagues and special guests brought wonderful performances that livened up the atmosphere.

Congratulations to the lucky winner of the mystery prize.

Prize Distribution
ZRGP sets up year-end awards to thank colleagues for their hard work throughout the year and to bring new expectations for the new year.

Every time we gather, we don’t just want to have a good time, but also to guide you to a positive attitude, relax your tense mood on working days and meet more like-minded friends. This chic four-hour party is no different, and we hope that every smile at the party will also shine into your lives.


2023 will be a year of innovation and progress for ZRGP.

We will equip our energy storage products with market-leading technology to make them safer, better, and more convenient for consumers to use.

We sincerely hope to cooperate and communicate with more excellent partners for mutual progress and development.

In 2023, we are ready to go further and higher with you all.

5 Environmentally Friendly Home Features for a Healthy Planet

There are many ways to live a green lifestyle that is good for you and the planet. Some simple upgrades make your home a model for saving energy and protecting the environment. Curious about having an endless supply of clean electricity? Contact ZRGP to get answers to all your energy storage questions.

Eco-friendly, energy-saving home features aren’t just good for the environment—they’re also good for your wallet. Here are five popular home features that can lower your bills, reduce energy waste, and make your home more desirable to future buyers.


#Opt for Energy Efficient Appliances

According to the Energy Information Agency’s 2015 Residential Energy Consumption Survey, refrigerators alone account for 7% of end users in a home. Using ENERGY STAR appliances is an easy way to cut electric use. There are all sorts of appliances that have been awarded the EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification from TVs to freezers.

These appliances require less energy to operate and therefore save you money on utility bills.


#Smart Heating and Cooling

Air conditioning accounts for 17% of electricity end use and space heating accounts for another 15%.

Unfortunately, a significant portion of that energy use could be wasted. Inadequate insulation, leaky ductwork, air leaks, and windows can all influence the efficiency of heating and cooling a home. To prevent wasting energy, make sure you have enough insulation in the attic. Next, weatherize around the doors and windows to plug up any air leaks. Finally, consider adding a tint to the windows to reflect UV rays and reduce heat transfer.


#LED and CFL Bulbs

One of the first things every homeowner should do is replace inefficient incandescent light bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs. This is an improvement that really does pay for itself. LED lightbulbs use up to 90% less energy than traditional bulbs, and they also last up to 25 times longer. Consider replacing your indoor and outdoor lights with LED bulbs whenever possible.


#Solar Panels

The installation isn’t cheap, but rooftop solar panels can generate a large amount of energy—and potentially a good amount of savings over the long run, too. In addition to gaining your own renewable energy source, you may also be eligible for a residential federal tax credit, property tax exemption, or another government incentive when you install solar panels.


#Electric Car With Charging Port

For most people, their car is an extension of their home. And if you have an electric car your home is also your fueling station. Charging an electric car at home will increase the amount of electricity that’s used, but overall it’s good for the planet. An electric car uses less energy than an air conditioner, and it doesn’t emit carbon monoxide like a gas-powered vehicle. If you get your electricity from solar panels, then it’s the greenest way to get around.


Congratulations on a great year! Sending warm wishes to you and your family throughout the holiday season.


Hi, dear friend. 2023 is coming. ZRGP wishes you and your family all the best. ZRGP has been with you for eight years!

ZRGP has achieved a lot in 2022.


-ZRGP at All Energy 2022-

October 26-27, 2022, Zhongrui Green Energy Technology with our partner Joule Power exhibited home energy storage systems and distributed energy storage at All Energy in Melbourne.

The ZRGP residential and commercial energy storage products were under the spotlight including wall-mounted battery 5.12kW, modular battery system 5.12-40.96kWh, the basic battery system, PowerBase FC, and lastly and most popularly, the All-in-one system PowerBase Max-X.


-Brand New ZRGP-

ZRGP’s new factory officially started production. Located in Huizhou, the factory has a maximum area of over 10,000 square meters and covers 172,220 square feet.

Intelligent systems such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System), OA(Office Automation), and ERP(Enterprise resource planning) have been introduced to smarten up the factory.

In addition, the new factory is equipped with two semi-automatic and two fully automatic production lines.  In terms of output, the diversified production lines can provide stable and sufficient output, greatly increasing production capacity. The annual output of the plant is expected to exceed 3Gwh.


-Meet the ZRGP APP-

The ZRGP APP has been released to help homeowners monitor and manage their energy storage systems to maximize energy storage efficiency.

It monitors the status of your system wherever you are and knows exactly how much energy your solar system is producing. You can also view product parameters by day, week, and month. All of this is displayed in attractive and easy-to-read charts and infographics.



ZRGP has passed UL9540A tests at the cell, module, and system level, which means that Mate, ZRGP’s home energy storage system, has reached the highest international standard level in terms of safety and reliability. The passing of this test will help its business to grow globally.


As a ZRGP UL9540A – certified BESS home energy storage system, Mate is our most classic product, featuring a modular LV design, LFP cells, 6000 cycle life, and scalability to meet the needs of businesses and homes of all sizes.

In 2023, we are ready to go.

France electricity prices surge past €1,000/MWh

Wholesale electricity prices in France for the middle of winter surged above €1,000/MWh ($A1,540/MWh) after the operator of the world’s biggest nuclear fleet revealed more problems and more outages at its reactors.

Half of France’s 56 reactors are out of action due to scheduled or emergency maintenance measures. “The situation changed drastically this year when France swung from being one of Europe’s largest exporters of electricity to a net importer because of issues with its reactors.”–  Bloomberg


Energy Storage

Natural gas prices have been steadily climbing since last summer, with the war in Ukraine increasing the pressure. Combined with efforts against climate change, it’s never been clearer that the world needs to move towards renewables.

However, there’s an obvious problem – most forms of renewables don’t produce energy on demand. The power needs to keep flowing even when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine.

The words ‘power storage’ might make you think of batteries.


Solar Plus Battery System

The sun shines when energy demand is lowest, which means your home can’t take full advantage of the benefits of rooftop solar without a way to store the excess power you generate. Complementing your solar system with a home battery gives you a way to harvest the excess clean power you produce daily for use when the sun goes down and when you actually need it.

3 FAQs About Home Battery Storage

ZRGP energy storage system can reduce your fuel bills and carbon emissions, especially if you already have home solar panels. Residential Energy Storage Systems offer considerable energy and cost-saving benefits such as solar battery storage, peak shifting, grid services, and battery storage backup.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about energy storage.


 1、How do batteries differ?

There are four main types of batteries namely lithium-ion, lead-acid, flow, and saltwater. Lithium-ion batteries are generally the most suitable for homeowners, as they’re lightweight, compact, and typically have a longer shelf life than other battery technologies. They also have a higher depth of discharge, meaning you can tap into more of your battery’s capacity.

All of ZRGP’s BESS, modules use lithium iron phosphate to ensure the safest, most efficient, and cleanest product to power your life.


 2、What are the benefits of energy storage systems?

Coupled with your home solar system, the ZRGP PowerBase Max-X energy storage system gives you greater control over your energy usage and bills and helps you get the most from your solar investment.

  • Reduce Electricity Bills

Adding an energy storage system to your home can effectively reduce the electricity bill. Installing an energy storage system will keep the total power consumption below a specified value. With on-site storage, you can charge your batteries whenever electricity rates are at their lowest (during off-peak hours or with your free solar energy).

  • Maximize Self-Consumption

The energy storage system can perfectly suit commercial and residential uses. During the daytime, the system can collect and store energy, which can be used at night whenever needed. Property owners are provided with the most efficient use of solar energy at home, including grid independence, increased self-consumption, and reduced electricity bills.

  • Emergency Power Backup

Don’t worry about the sudden power failure. Residential energy storage solutions integrated with solar panels can ensure energy backup. The backup power system is used to provide energy when the primary source fails for the 24/7 power supply.


 3、Can I Go off-grid?

Installing battery storage in your home does not necessarily mean that you can disconnect completely from the electrical grid. While it’s possible to go off the grid, the number of solar panels and the amount of battery storage you may need to invest in could mean it’s not financially viable.

Generally speaking, going off-grid is not practical for the average urban consumer because:

  • It might be difficult to store enough energy to reliably cover your use during cloudy days in winter;
  • You would not be able to sell any surplus energy back to the grid;
  • There are likely to be significant extra costs (e.g. special additional equipment like the installation of an air-conditioning system) for the battery.

Brand New ZRGP | Factory Introduction

New Factory Introduce

ZRGP’s new factory has now been constructed and all the equipment is ready and waiting to start manufacturing. The factory is located in Huizhou and the maximum

surface area is exceeding 10,000 square meters, representing 172,220 square feet. We possess more than 150 experienced employees and many excellent technicians in charge of support and push on manufacturing, ensuring each process is going well.


New System

Despite the scale of the factory, we introduced a whole set of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) in order to realize warehouse information visualization and data transparency. In other words, the MES system is an intelligent supervisor who is responsible for recording and processing statistics. More importantly, MES could largely assist employees to manage stocks such as material first-in, first-out, and preventing any unnecessary errors.


New Production Line

Moreover, the new factory is equipped with two semi-automatic and two fully automatic production lines. In terms of employees, wages paid could be lessened and more capital could be invested in equipment updating.

In terms of output, diversified production lines can provide stable and sufficient output production, which largely boosts the output capability. It is estimated that the output value of the factory per annual  would be exceeding 3 Gwh.

ZRGP Second Quarter Summary Meeting

The summary meeting is divided into two parts: one is the summary of each department manager, and the other is the suggestions and expectations of the chairman.


First, the marketing manager shared the work content of the official website and social media, the benefits and costs of each work, and the future work arrangements for the exhibition.

Secondly, Sales Department’s managers and directors summarized the sales and customer development situation, existing problems, and solutions. Corresponding requirements have been made to other departments: product updates, staffing, communication efficiency, etc.

Thirdly, the new product development, platform technology optimization, and after-sales solutions have been summarized by the director of R&D Department. The general manager of the factory shared the production and management status of the factory, which involved the application of ERP, OA, MES, IATF16949, etc. The Human Resources Department also made a summary and planning for the employee part. 

At the end of the meeting, the chairman shared his experience of customer development and expectations for his employees. Based on the summary of each department, it highlights the full support and cooperation of each department to Sales Department.
After the meeting, all employees had dinner together to kick off the third quarter. 

Safest – ZRGP’s Mate (LFP) Passed the UL9540A test

ZRGP is pleased to announce passing UL 9540A test at the cell, module, and system level, which means that Mate, ZRGP’s home energy storage system, has reached the highest international standard level in terms of safety and reliability. The passing of this test will help its business to grow globally.


What Is UL9540A?

Based on high standards of international certification, reliable R&D strength, and scientific technology training, ZRGP is committed to providing customers with the safest, most economical, and most efficient energy storage systems.

The UL9540A test standard is a test method proposed by UL to evaluate the spread of large-scale thermal runaway fires in electrochemical energy storage systems and has become a landmark industry standard.

In doing so, ZRGP has demonstrated that its product meets the industry’s highest standards for safety and fire prevention.

There are 4 stages in the UL9540A test method:


At this level, UL looks at whether a cell can exhibit thermal runaway. It also checks its characteristics and flammability.


In this stage, the main goal is to determine if thermal runaway propagates with the module. They will also find out the heat release and gas composition.


Now they will look at the whole unit and see the following. Firstly, they find out how quickly fire spreads. Then they will look for its heat and gas release rates and other hazards.


Lastly, they do an installation test. This is an optional test, but its goal is to determine how effective the product’s fire protection is.


ZRGP PowerBase Mate

As a ZRGP UL9540A – certified BESS home energy storage system, Mate is our most classic product, featuring a modular LV design, LFP cells, 6000 cycle life, and scalability to meet the needs of businesses and homes of all sizes.

  • Between 2 to 8 battery modules can be used in single stack to give 10.24 to 40.96kWh usable capacity;
  • Up to 15 stacks can be connected in parallel to give a maximum 614.4kWh usable capacity;
  • Additional modules or parallel stacks can be added at any time to increase capacity.


About Us

ZRGP is a national high-tech enterprise with a global vision. With independent research and development capabilities and focus on ESS solutions, ZRGP is the world’s leading supplier of BMS, ESS, modules, and monitoring systems. Our business scope integrates R&D, design, production and sales.Currently, we are in the process of obtaining UL9540, and all ZRGP BESS are manufactured in strict accordance with the standard and meet the testing criteria. Meanwhile, ZRGP will continue to supplement the certificates with international standards to provide you with safer and more efficient energy storage systems.

Introducing ZRGP PowerBase X1 – Wall Mounted Home Battery System

PowerBase X1 provides an ultra-thin wall hanging and flexible solution to limited installation space, and restricted load-bearing customers.

The battery is a lithium iron phosphate battery system, which can be used to provide safe, reliable, and stable energy for various equipment. And it can be widely used in household energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, and other fields.

The flexibility of ZRGP PowerBase X1 can power homes for longer periods, granting access to a greater amount of on-site, clean energy available day and night. Multiple batteries are allowed to be connected in parallel to expand capacity and power to meet the requirements of longer power supporting duration and higher power consumption.

PowerBase X1 features ZRGP’s industry-leading warranty of 8000 times cycle life/10 years as well as compatibility with 16 world-famous inverter brands. The built-in battery management system manages and monitors battery voltage, current, temperature, and other information. In addition, the BMS can help extend cycle life by balancing the battery during charging and discharging.


By communicating with the battery management system, PowerBase X1 with Smart Cloud monitoring and control system enables users to customize system behavior or implement remote firmware updates for easy day-to-day use and maintenance. And equipped with a monitoring LED display, can provide essential data visualization, more convenient for users to observe the operation of the system.

To learn more about PowerBase X1, visit