Power base X1 is a lithium iron phosphate battery system produced by Zhongrui Green Energy Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, which can be used to provide safe, reliable, and stable energy for various equipment. At the same time, the module supports expansion on both capacity and power by multiple parallel uses. It supports CAN, RS485, RS232, WIFI communication, and can meet the requirements of various PV inverter communication protocols.

Power base X1 has the advantages of high safety performance, long life span, wide charging voltage range, simple installation, and standard modular design.

Products can be widely used in household energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage and other fields.

FEATURES & BENEFITS of LiFePO4 Battery Energy Storage System/Pack

  • Multi-level energy management,longer battery life
  • One-button switch machine,more convenient operation
  • Modular,ultra -thin wall hanging design,convenient installation
  • Multiple parallel support,high current charge and discharge
  • High BMS compatibility,perfect match of energy storage inverter
  • The adoption of high-performance processors,international brand devices,better stability