PowerBase 15080A is a new lithium-iron-phosphate battery storage system under the self-research and development procedure of Shenzhen Garaye Energy Technology Co., Ltd, consisting of a highly efficient photovoltaic controller(100kW), high cycle life lithium iron phosphate battery pack(150kWh), and PCS (80kW). Output voltage range 200VAC ~ 480VAC & 50Hz / 60Hz (adjustable). This product can be used in most national power grid-connected applications, also used in peak-clipping-valley-filling, micro-grid, standby power, and self-use application.

The energy storage system is equipped with IP55 protection and constant temperature function of air conditioning, which is suitable for typhoon coastal areas;
The charging unit of the energy storage system is designed with high efficiency, high power density, and lightweight hardware architecture. The photovoltaic controller is equipped with short-circuit, open-circuit, and attenuation prediction functions of PV panels, and dynamic MPPT self-adaptive learning and optimization functions. The range of MPPT input voltage is 300VDC ~ 850VDC, which can meet more application scenarios;
The output unit of the energy storage system is composed of high-power PCS (80kW), and the output voltage range is 200VAC ~ 480VAC &50Hz/60Hz(adjustable), which is suitable for most grid-connected applications of the national grid;
Multiple systems in parallel are supported, maximum 20 in parallel;
The energy storage unit adopts lithium iron phosphate battery pack with high safety and long life;
The system has remote intelligent monitoring, which can realize the whole life cycle of products and services from installation and deployment, system operation, intelligent operation and maintenance, statistical analysis and fault repair.