PowerBase Max 1712D

Power Base Max1712D is a new high voltage lithium-iron-phosphate battery storage system under the self-research and development procedure of ZRGP, consisting of high efficient photovoltaic controller (20kW), long-life cycle lithium iron phosphate battery pack (17kWh), and EMU (12kWmax). It can be applied to match with any arbitrary PCS. The battery pack can be able to be expanded anytime and anywhere so that the availability of either old or new batteries can be improved. And it can match the photovoltaic inverter to achieve power generation energy storage.

  • The energy storage system is equipped with IP55 protection;
    The charging unit of the energy storage system is designed with high efficiency, high power density, and lightweight hardware architecture. The photovoltaic controller is equipped with short-circuit, open-circuit, and attenuation prediction functions. The range of MPPT input voltage is 260Vdc~900Vdc, which can meet more application scenarios; 
    The output configuration of the energy storage system is composed of an efficient EMU module (12KWMax), and the output voltage range is:150Vdc~500Vdc It can support 10systems in parallel and realize the requirements of battery capacity expansion anytime and anywhere and the mixing of old and new systems;
    A wide range of adjustable output voltages can be achieved to match the parameters and protocols of most PCS and photovoltaic inverters on the market;
    The energy storage unit adopts lithium iron phosphate battery pack with high safety and long life;
    The system has built-in BMS, which can effectively monitor and manage the battery module and the system to ensure safe and reliable operation;
    The system has remote intelligent monitoring, which can realize the whole life cycle of products and services from installation and deployment, system operation, intelligent operation and maintenance, statistical analysis and fault repair.