ZRGP provides high security and high reliability C&I Energy storage system solution, one-stop integrated battery pack, PCS Control system, fire control system, air conditioning system, monitoring system, Coordinate the efficient operation of each component through control system, absorption and Release energy.


  • Adopt two-stage topology, wide voltage input range;
  • Can be inserted into photovoltaic panels, support photovoltaic direct charging ;
  • MPPT photovoltaic maximum power tracking function;
  • STS can achieve seamless switching off grid;
  • PCS power 50kW-100kW, meeting the needs of microgrid;
  • Modular design, easy to install and easy to transport;
  • It adopts lithium iron phosphate battery with long life and high safety performance;
  • Each cluster has a battery capacity of 96.8kWh and supports 15 cluster expansion;
  • Integrate PCS, lithium battery system, and control cabinet to ensure product compatibility.
  • Scientific and safe, short construction period; green and environmental protection, promoting environmental  friendliness; intensive land use, reducing resource consumption, etc.