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ZRGP Second Quarter Summary Meeting

All departments and factory do their best to cooperate with the Sales Department for business development.

Safest - ZRGP’s Mate (LFP) Passed the UL9540A test

ZRGP is pleased to announce passing the UL 9540A test at the cell, module, and system level.

Introducing ZRGP PowerBase X1 - Wall Mounted Home Battery System

Power Base X1 is suitable for application scenes of high power, limited installation space, and restricted load-bearing.

Grand Gathering with ZRGP at All Energy 2022

All Energy 2022-ZRGP Advances Australia's Transition to a Clean Energy Future

Production of ZRGP PowerBase Mate

A big day for ZRGP as our PowerBase Mate Energy Storage System was ready to leave the warehouse.

AC vs. DC Coupling: Which is Best for Your Application

​Energy storage has grown increasingly popular in recent…

ZRGP PowerBase X1 = Energy Security + Energy Freedom

PowerBase X1 delivers reliable and safe backup energy when you need it the most.

Will solar energy stop working if the sun is still shining?

Will solar energy stop working if the sun is still shining?
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