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Market Trends of LFP Battery

Wood Mackenzie’s latest report shows global energy storage…

ZRGP | The 4 Main Types of Inverters

Here, we explain the differences and hopefully help clear…


Every year,  ZRGP holds an annual celebration to strengthen…

5 Environmentally Friendly Home Features for a Healthy Planet

There are many ways to live a green lifestyle that is good for you and the planet.


Happy New Year to you and your family and we hope this year will bring warmth of love and positivity to your life!
  ZRGP wishes you a Merry Christmas and thanks…

France electricity prices surge past €1,000/MWh

France's electricity prices surge past €1,000/MWh as more nuclear reactors close for winter.

3 FAQs About Home Battery Storage

Three recurring questions homeowners ask about energy storage.

Brand New ZRGP | Factory Introduction

New Factory Introduce ZRGP’s new factory has now been constructed…
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