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Rapid deployment

Mat series distributed power supply system is used in data center of telecommunication. It takes one week to complete the installation, commissioning and operation of 200 sets of equipment.

distributed power system
distributed power system

Effective use of space and load bearing

Mat series distributed power supply system is used in data center of telecommunication, which fully meets the floor bearing requirements and deploys cabinets to the biggest extent in limited area.

Full modular deployment

China Unicom’s data center is a full modular design. Traditional UPS can not meet the flexible deployment of full modularization. Galaxy series distributed power system is used to perfectly integrate with micro-modules to provide flexible deployment solutions for users.

distributed power system
distributed power system

Cabinet Management

A mobile data center sets different priority of power supply according to the different load of each cabinet, to ensure power supply for different cabinets. Galaxy series distributed power system is adopted to ensure the flexible distribution and dispatch of power required by cabinets through DC micro-grid.

Hybrid network of different systems and grades

Telecom Data Center adopts Mat and Galaxy series distributed power supply system, which is perfectly compatible with AC and DC output, meet the mixed network of T2, T3 and T4 (redundant configuration) data center, save construction funds, and realize the most optimal construction of data center power supply system.

Intelligent Solar Street Lamp Project in Circular Economy Industrial Park, Delingha City, Qinghai Province, China

Project Location:
Delingha Industrial Park is one of the three pilot parks in Qaidam Cyclic Economy Pilot Zone approved by the State Development and Reform Commission and other six ministries in October 2005. The planned area is 92.67 square kilometers in total.

Project scale:
There are more than 60 streets in the area, 12,000 street lamps in total. All of them adopt the latest solar power supply technology to realize intelligent control for each lamp.

street light
street light

Project Plan:
Solar LED Lamp + SEMS Lithium Battery Monitor Platform

Effectiveness of the project:
Zero emission. Not affected by weather, fault alarm and remote asset management, automatic patrol inspection, saving maintenance cost, one key to generate the intelligent report, automatic fault alarm. Automatic control of longitude and latitude.

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