By the end of 2020, more than 300000 storage systems installed in German households to get attached with roof solar panels. The country’s household battery storage market addressed around 2.3GWh of capacity.

In line with latest-release data, the turnover of residential battery was about €660 million in 2019 and further increased by 60% to €1100 million in 2020. The justification for this enormous upswing was credited to some degree to the development in interest in energy strength, independence and security and autonomy of supply at family level, which may, as in different nations, have been driven by the COVID-19. This impact was likewise felt, but less significantly, at business scale.

Household energy storage industry makes up a much greater bit of the general market for capacity in German today, with turnover more than twofold the electrochemical battery section in 2019 (€1,700 million), 2020 (€2,400 million) and expected for 2021 (€2,600 million).