PulteGroup, one of the largest home builders in the United States, has established a living lab to explore how homeowners will live in the not-too-distant future. PulteGroup has launched two model homes, not yet for sale, but is testing the newest, in Babcock Ranch, the nation’s first and largest solar town, near Fort Myers, Florida, on the “Innovation Road”. In some cases, there are no commercially available, sustainable new home technology and innovation advancements. With More Life Built In®, these Pulte Homes models include integration with the new all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning™ vehicle to create backup power and energy management solutions.

Currently, PulteGroup is working with Ford and Sunrun to test how the F-150 Lightning’s Ford Smart Backup Power System can act as a critical lifeline for homeowners during a power outage. Both the Home Integration System and Charging Station Pro are built into the Pulte home. When plugged in, a fully charged F-150 Lightning can power a home for up to three days during a power outage, or up to 10 days when used with ration or solar power. When two-way power is combined with other low-carbon energy sources, trucks can also optimize a home’s energy use to help manage energy costs and consumption.

Discover innovative products and technologies in 2,400-plus and 3,600-plus-square-foot single- and two-story Pulte residences designed to make the future healthier, more productive, more comfortable, safer, and at home doing the same to the world around us react. Although only a sample, the test model house covers an extremely wide range, including the following:

  • Wi-Fi enabled lighting, load centers, thermostats, and kitchen appliances that make it easy for homeowners to control their homes from their phone or sound of their voice
  • Moen® Flo Smart Water Security System to monitor and prevent leaks with whole home eco-friendly water filtration
  • Smart Kitchen faucets and bathroom shower controls that are voice controlled and hands-free
  • Broan® Ventilation System providing fresh air circulation that protects against bacteria, mold, and fungi growth with a series of wall plugs and sensors that identify pollutants and automatically engages ventilation
  • JennAir® and KitchenAid® smart kitchen appliances that connect to WiFi for personalized options and real-time notifications
  • Super Energy Efficient Lennox HVAC System with PureAir System for indoor air quality enhancement
  • Rinnai® recirculating tankless water heater with Smart-Circ™ that provides faster hot water
  • Rheia HVAC delivery system to improve overall A/C and eliminate bulk duct systems
  • High Efficiency Low E impact windows and spray foam ceiling insulation to improve performance and comfort
  • Smart Electrical Panel with Remote On/Off Capability that monitors energy usage by circuit
  • Foam Block with Six-Inch Poured Solid Concrete Exterior Wall System and R-22 performance
  • Back up battery system provided by Florida Power & Light (FPL) to increase energy resiliency and monitor usage
  • Artificial turf in backyards that require little to no maintenance and are environmentally friendly
  • Permeable drive and walkway pavers that allow water to percolate back into the ground instead of via storm water system

This is the design and construction of a ground-breaking home that paints a beautiful blueprint for our future home. I believe that this innovation will bring great changes and improvements to our lives.