The product adopts the cabinet type, the modular structure design, has the better installation and the transportation convenience. The system is equipped with efficient and accurate battery management system and energy management system, with perfect precharge, predischarge, overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, overtemperature and short-circuit protection functions.

The system is composed of cabinet, battery modules, main control module, split-phase photovoltaic inverter and display screen.

The system supports capacity expansion function and supports the parallel use of up to 15 cabinets. It is widely used in household energy storage, off-grid energy storage and other fields.

  • Solar Prior Mode, PV provides gives priority to the load. If the solar energy is not enough to connect all the load power supply, the insufficient part is powered by the battery; When solar energy is not available, the battery voltage drops to a low voltage alarm or set point and is powered by the public grid.
  • Grid Prior Mode(default), the public grid gives priority to the load, and solar and battery power the load only when grid power is not available.
  • SBU Prior Mode, PV supplies the load first, with the battery providing the insufficient part, and when battery voltage drops to low voltage alarm or set point will be powered by the public grid.
  • When the grid power is suddenly cut off, stable power supply can be provided independently for users.
  • When the power grid does not provide power for a long time, the generator is supported to connect in for power supply and system charging.
  • Maximum 6kW load.
  • PV maximum 5kW output, efficiency >98%.
  • It has 3-way 104V AC and 1-way 208V AC output.
  • It adopts power frequency inverter, with strong carrying capacity, stable and reliable operation and high safety performance.
  • The system has three levels of protection function, better guarantee the safety of the product.
  • The inverter is integrated with the lithium battery system, which occupies a smaller area and can be installed quickly and easily.
  • The frame structure is adopted to realize the arbitrary capacity combination.
  • Unique main control box setting can increase product security; can achieve a variety of communication protocols.
  • Main control box supports RS485、RS232、CAN communication.
  • Display function can monitor the working status of the system, alarm information and the status of each lithium battery module.
  • Supports replacement of old and new lithium battery modules.