Portable Power Supply

P750 is a safe, portable, stable, environmentally friendly small energy storage system. P750 provides you a portable, sustainable green energy solution for activities such as wild camping, outdoor aerial photography, expedition, search and rescue.

P750 has multiple outputs, it features AC output for minibars, fans, projectors, computers, and many other small appliances; it has USB TYPE-A and USB TYPC-C for consumer electronic products, as well as supplying 12V output for LED lighting. P750 can be charged with 3 different ways, you can use a solar panel, or an AC wall outlet to charge it. Or you can charge it with car charger cable while driving.


  • Use mains supply & solar panel to charge
  • Low self-discharge, which can store the energy more than one year
  • Completely silent, it will cover all your electricity needs
  • Use high-capacity lithium ion battery to make the weight and volume more portable than other similar products
  • Do not need gasoline or gas, as long as there is sunlight which generates electricity