High-Voltage LiFePO4 Battery System for UPS

The Power Base Venus series product is a high-voltage lithium iron phosphate battery storage system independently developed in-house by Zhongrui Green Energy Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.  The rated voltage of the system is 512Vdc or ±256Vdc, and the maximum which meets the requirements of 50kW power supply. Parallel of multi systems is supported.


  • Adopt high safety, long life, excellent performance LiFePO4 prismatic cells;
  • Support up to 1C continuous discharge;
  • Over 4000 times of cycle life;
  • Intelligent BMS to ensure a safe reliable operation;
  • Parallel on cabinet level available;
  • Multiple communications including RS485, CAN;
  • Modular rack design for easier installation and smaller footprint..


  • Government, Education, Medical, Banking, Finance, Manufacturing, Energy Storage, Communications. etc.


  • Small and medium-sized data center
  • branch computer room
  • centralized management of the distributed machine room
  • growth modular data center
  • and more
Main Control Module Parameters
No. Items Parameters
1 Model ZR-MC500-150M
2 Operation Voltage Range 200Vdc – 600Vdc
3 Maximum Operation Current ≤125A
4 Communication BATT COM CAN, Battery Module Parallel, BMS power supply
LCD COM RS485 , Monitoring Devices
Link A, Link B Cabinet Parallel, PCS communications
CAN/RS485 communication interface with PC
5 Weight 10.5kg±30g
6 Dimensions (W*D*H) 440*408*133 mm (Handles and connectors are not included)
Battery Module Parameters
No. Items Parameters
1 Model ZR-FE48100-1635R1
2 Cell Configuration 16S1P
3 Nominal Capacity 100Ah
4 Nominal Energy 5120Wh
5 Weight (Approx.) 42kg
6 Dimensions (W*D*H) 440*408*152 mm (Handles and connectors are not included)

±256V 51.2kWh

 512V 51.2kWh