Power Base Saturn

The PowerBase Saturn series product is a high-voltage dual-backup lithium iron phosphate battery storage system independently developed by Zhongrui Green Energy Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. The product is in combination with data center application scenarios, the rated voltage of the system is 480Vdc or ±240V, and the maximum support continuous discharge current is 200A and 400A, which meets the requirements of 50kVA-200kVA power supply. It’s an ideal solution for power backup scenarios such as large data centers, IDC equipment rooms, enterprise data centers, disaster recovery backup centers, etc.


  • Adopt excellent performance LiFePO4 prismatic cells, support up to 6C continuous discharge;
  • High safety, long life, chemistry ensures over 3500 times of cycle life;
  • Multi-level functional safety protection control BMS which conforms to ISO26262 ensures the safe and reliable operation;
  • Dual-backup system structure, guarantee an uninterrupted operation when one of the module faults;
  • Parallel on cabinet level available;
  • Multiple communications including RS485, CAN, SNMP;
  • Modular rack design for easier installation and smaller landscape.


  • Common Applications

  • Government ,education ,medical, banking ,finance, manufacturing, energy ,communications etc;

  • Applicable fields
  • Small and medium-sized data center ,branch computer room ,centralized management of the distributed machine room, growth modular data center
Main Control Module Parameters
No. Items Parameters
1 Model ZR-512-200K-BCU
2 Operation Voltage Range 400Vdc – 600Vdc
3 Maximum Operation Current ≤400A
4 Communication COM CAN communication, Battery Module Parallel, BMS power supply
CAN1, CAN2 Cabinet Parallel, Monitoring Devices, PCS communications
NET SNMP, Internet Access
5 Weight 1050±30g
6 Dimensions (W*D*H) 440*532*132 mm
Battery Module Parameters
No. Items Parameters
1 Model ZR-FE48040-1635R1
2 Cell Type LP27148134
3 Cell Configuration 16S1P
4 Nominal Capacity 40Ah
5 Nominal Energy 2048Wh
6 Weight (Approx.) 27kg
7 Dimensions (W*D*H) 200*380*154 mm