Industrial Battery

ZR Lithium is the next-generation battery for every industrial application.
It is based on lithium iron phosphate cells (LiFePO4), a technology that is safe and has the best performance/cost ratio, and integrates ZR’s balancing system (BBS) to maintain the cells always equalized and efficient.
We gives great usage flexibility and reduces the total ownership costs, thanks to its 3000 cycles lifespan, being maintenance-free and allowing opportunity fast charging to increase the daily available energy.
The absence of emissions and the extended operating temperature range make ZR Lithium perfectly suited for every workplace.
It is available in various sizes and capacity, to offer its advantages in replacement of the most common battery types such as lead-acid, gel, pure lead, nickel, etc.

Main feature of industrial battery:

  • Application areas: OTDR, Fiber Splicer, Ultrasound Detector, Car Recorder, Handheld GIS, Total Station and Lighting Device etc.
  • Li-ion polymer cells, Li-ion cylindrical cells and import branded cells solutions
  • Standard type , High temperature type, Low temperature type and High Rate Type
  • Chemistry systems: LiCoO2, Li(NiCoMn)O2, LiFePO4
  • Single-cell and Multi-cells battery pack in series and parallel
  • High performance, long service life and high safety characteristics
  • Integrated intelligent PCBA
  • Customized plastic case configuration
  • OEM service
  • Environmental friendly

Product name: AGV Battery 01;

Cell Type: Lithium Ion 26650
Rated Voltage: 25.2V
Rated Capacity: 70Ah
Operating Voltage: 19.6V ~29.4V
Charge Current: 15A
Discharge Current: 30A
Max. Chg Current:20A
Max. Dsg Current): 30A (continuous)
Dimension: 310*310*80mm

Product name: AGV Battery 02;


  • Cell Type: Lithium ion 26650;
  • Rated Voltage:46.8V;
  • Rated Capacity:60Ah;
  • Operating Voltage:35.75V—54.6V;
  • Charge Current: 25A;
  • Discharge Current: 15A;
  • Max. Chg Current: 30A;
  • Max. Dsg Current: 50A;
  • Weight: 18.22kg;
  • Dimension: 343*236*140
  • Communication: RS485,CAN;