The communication base station equipment required by telecom operators tends to be integrated, miniaturized, and lightweight, which means more equipment should be installed in a limited space, and that puts forward a higher requirement on the operating temperature range, energy ratio, life span, etc..

In recent years, telecom operators and network equipment suppliers are gradually or have begun to seek and research new power backup solutions. Lithium-ion batteries have attracted widespread attention because of their unique technical characteristics, such as high capacity, high voltage, and no pollution. The development momentum is rapid and it’s the tendency of backup power technology for the small/medium-sized and harsh environment site backup power supplies. Lithium-ion batteries will gradually become the first choice for high-end backup power solutions.

ZRGP base station lithium battery module is widely used in communication base stations and intelligent computer rooms due to its characteristics of integration, miniaturization, lightweight, and intelligent centralized monitoring. The structure of aluminum alloy hard-packed and the chemistry of ferrous phosphate lithium meets the higher requirements of the telecommunications industry for communication backup power supplies.