A joint venture in the field of energy and private equity investment is working together to expand the scale of microgrids of renewable resources for commercial and industrial customers in the United States.

ClearGen pledged to provide US$500 million in long-term capital for these projects. This capital commitment was made through funds managed by Blackstone (owner of Clarion Energy and Power Engineering)

Through this cooperation, GreenStruxure will develop and operate a highly standardized on-site renewable energy microgrid system. The company stated that customers in the C/I market will benefit from a turnkey “energy as a service” solution that can provide them with the energy results they need to achieve their business and sustainability goals without any upfront funding Expenses, there is no operational risk. 

“Energy consumers face a variety of challenges, including decarbonization goals, cost and risk management, and supply reliability that affect critical operations,” said George Plattenburg, co-founder and chief commercial officer of ClearGen. 

“We are very pleased to work with GreenStruxure to discover new investment opportunities, provide customers with real value, and meet the huge demand for power systems behind the meters in North America.” 

As consumers struggle to cope with rising energy costs, increase With the desire for operational sustainability and service disruptions caused by extreme weather and natural disasters, the site’s demand for renewable energy assets is growing rapidly. However, building microgrid assets on site requires a large amount of capital expenditure, and building owners and operators have few other options to control their energy. 

Schneider Electric and Huck Capital announced the establishment of a joint venture in August 2020. GreenStruxure’s focus is to provide customers’ commercial and industrial buildings with power of up to 5 MW for on-site clean energy microgrids.